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The Injala Talent Enhancement Program

Careers at Injala

A program designed as a win-win.

Talent Enhancement Program lets you immerse yourself in Injala's culture and determine if we fit your workstyle and career goals. It offers a range of specialized early career opportunities for students and freshers. You will be doing meaningful work alongside mentors and leaders - diving deep into projects, programs and services that impact our products.

Injala career opportunities:

UI/UX Designer

When you look at an interface, do you analyze the design, flow, and the delicacy of a user success path to determine if it could be better? Do you think, “I could make this better?” Then you are the person we want on our team.

QA Engineer

Creating and executing test cases, writing detailed test reports using test management tools like Jira and rally is on your list. Additionally writing SQL queries and excel formulas to validate data is going to be part of this role.

.NET Core Developers

Are you Interested to work in development & Microsoft technology ? Do you have basic knowledge in OOPs, .Net Fw 4+, C#, Asp.Net, HTML5, SQL Server ? Do you have a good understanding of Object-Oriented Programming ?

Human Resource

Are you passionate about people ? Want to make a difference by being in a people function taking care of Talent Acquisition or HR Operations ? Want to learn HRIS, prepare meaningful data and MIS, be a part of developing innovative HR processes.


Are you looking forward to Develop social media and earned media campaigns? Do you want to learn how Creating compelling content to create media buzz and engage our clients and Develop viral marketing strategies ?

Data Science

Do you want to Creating innovation and a competitive edge through artificial intelligence ? Enhancing the interactions between humans and machines with AR/VR systems and Developing IoT technology for predictive analysis is on your list?

Business Analyst

Do you like being a part of product innovation ? Your role will involve but not be limited to preparing product research, specifications, process flows, wireframes mockups, Helping / preparing release notes/user manual of the new features developed.

Risk Management

Are you a cyber security enthusiast? Want to apply your learnings in to Risk Management while learning Embracing Cyber security and rising above data breaches, Leading the investment arena of up-to-date technology, How cognitive technologies augment human decision-making ?