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Imagine your policy management on autopilot.

Digital policy management

Insurance agency management software

From applications to COIs, Kinetic™ builder’s risk insurance policy management software automates the entire process. With Kinetic, you can easily initiate projects, review applications, quote and bind policies, and issue certificates with just a few clicks.

Insurance policy management software

A breakthrough solution that changes the game.

With Kinetic, you no longer have to toggle between spreadsheets, text editors, browser windows, calculators, and other platforms. Kinetic replaces multiple programs and outdated technology with a single, integrated solution where everything you need to manage a policy is in one place.

Insurance agency management software

Your personal assistant. Kinetic™ builder’s risk insurance software, automatically communicates with applicants, policy holders, underwriters, and other involved parties, and issues real-time alerts to keep you as informed as you choose to be during the process—without actually having to be actively involved in the process.

Insurance policy management software

Achieve administrative nirvana.

Insurance agency management software

First, say goodbye to the annoying deja vu of entering data multiple times. With Kinetic, project data is entered only once where it is then shared by all tasks.

Second, Kinetic’s single-entry data also improves accuracy, which reduces the anxiety of having to crunch inconstant data.

Third, Kinetic automates mundane and repetitive administrative tasks so you can focus on the business of insurance instead of the time-busting business of chasing data, filling out forms, writing reports, waiting for emails, returning phone calls. Isn’t that calming?

Complex builder's risk policy management in a single dashboard is your new superpower.

With kinetic, you are all powerful. Intuitive, simple, customizable dashboards give you instant insight into your projects to help you quickly and clearly understand the status of each policy, view graphic representations of contract values and corresponding bound policies, and compare allocated financial and data analytics.

Kinetic’s simplified process makes you a policy management Einstein.

The automated, simplifed Kinetic process.

Insurance policy management software

With Kinetic, you own the day, not the other way around.

The time savings, in a word, is insane.

Insurance policy management software

Look, nothing up the sleeve.

Kinetic is web-based by subscription, so there is never anything to install or upgrade, and it is always up-to-date. Plus your projects and data are safe and protected, backed by Injala’s blockchain security. That’s no trick, that’s pure magic.

Take a dive into the transformative world of deep analytics.

As with all of Injala’s solutions, Kinetic’s centralized database and built-in analysis tools give you access to a new world of powerful analytics that had previously been unavailable from multi-platform programs that didn’t communicate. Now, with Kinetic, you have eye-opening insights that can cross-reference your wrap-ups, claims, and safety platforms, as well as provide startling new clarity regarding policy management, pipeline management, and financial oversight. Kinetic gives you confidence to make more accurate decisions that can potentially mitigate your risk like never before.

A healthier bottom line. Like all of Injala’s profit-maximizing solutions, Kinetic not only improves your bottom line through administrative efficiency and better risk management, it is also surprisingly affordable so you can invest in new growth initiatives or simply enjoy a healthy harvest.

Insurance agency management software

More tent time.

Kinetic is all-digital, so it eliminates paper-based waste, preserving the forests for communing with nature. And since Kinetic also saves time, you have more time for camping in the forests you save, and naturally, more time for s’mores.

Insurance agency management software

Join the Kinetic revolution.

Kinetic is an builder's risk insurance policy management revolution for Builder’s Risk, General Liability, Workers’ Compensation, and even P&I Club. Schedule a demo to learn how Kinetic can revolutionize your risk management efforts.

Learn more about Injala One, Injala’s total risk management solution. Kinetic is part of Injala One, an ecosystem of equally powerful solutions that automate wrap ups, safety, prequalification, payroll, and provide an integrated Insurtech solution for risk management. Contact us to learn how Injala can automate risk management in your organization so you can focus on the business of your business instead.