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Contractor pre-qualification software

Powerful analysis for assessing contractor suitability.

Automating contractor pre-qualification

Injala’s Prequaligy™ contractor pre-qualification software automates the process of analyzing financial statements, surety information, bank information, and works-in-progress, and compares that data with the parameters of a prospective project to help risk managers assess a contractor’s qualifications.

Prequaligy was carefully designed to analyze key data and deliver critical, quality assessments so managers can have greater confidence in hiring potential contractors.

Prequaligy empowers managers to:
• Track and verify contractor financials for multiple projects with a single, easy-to access interface
• Assess contractor stability
• Determine suitability for a specific project

The Prequaligy interface is packed with helpful tools and graphs for easily assessing contractor suitability for a given project.

Learn more about Prequaligy, Injala’s contractor qualification solution. Prequaligy is both a stand-alone solution and an integrated part of Injala One, a collection of powerful solutions that automate wrap ups, safety and loss, prequalification, payroll, and certification, and provide an integrated approach to risk management. Contact us to learn how Injala can automate risk management in your organization so you can focus on the business of your business instead.