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Risk management information system

The Injala One risk management information system is nothing less than revolutionary.

Total risk management solution

Injala One, formerly RMIS|360, is Injala’s vision for a total risk management software suite created with one goal in mind: to completely eliminate manual administration in risk management. That's revolutionary.

Injala One features a collection of individually powerful technology solutions for every aspect of risk management. Not only have each of Injala’s solutions within the Injala One ecosystem been carefully engineered to provide specific functions, they have also been engineered to collaborate and communicate with one another, sharing data, profiles, and essential information, ushering in a new era of automated risk management.

Learn more about how Injala is reimagining risk through automation and artificial intelligence to provide cost reduction, time savings, and well-informed decision-making by checking out the solutions below.

Risk management software

Learn more about Injala One, Injala’s total risk management solution. Injala One is your portal to a collection of powerful software solutions that automate wrap-ups, safety and loss, prequalification, payroll, certification, and verification, and provide an integrated approach to risk management. Contact us to learn how Injala can automate risk management in your organization so you can focus on the business of your business instead.