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Texas Based Insurance Technology Company Revolutionizes Risk Management.

Date: 2021/11

Spending a good deal of his childhood at his father’s insurance agency, Hyder Naqvi grew up understanding the inner workings of the insurance business. So, after earning accolades in technology and software development and a degree in Computer Science, he founded a web and software company called Nourtek Solutions, and his own insurance agency as well. But it wasn’t until graduate school when he invited fellow MBA student James Pitcher to join his company that a refined Nourtek mission began to emerge.

Frustrated that the insurance industry was mired in outdated, inefficient processes and had fallen significantly behind other industries that had already deployed technological innovation and automation, they saw an unparalleled opportunity. Combining Naqvi’s insurance knowledge and programming skills with Pitcher’s process-simplification and communication capabilities, they made it their mission to completely eliminate the manual processes from risk management administration.

In its quest to transform the insurance industry, the company and its 100+ employees have developed a suite of industry-first, patented, process-automation software products called Injala One which provides a comprehensive approach to insurance process management.

Developed in synergistic partnerships with some of the largest and most respected firms in the insurance industry, Injala One includes SAAS solutions for wrap management, contractor prequalification, policy administration, claims administration, safety and loss prevention, payroll, contractor compliance and valuable data analytics. The products are engineered to work seamlessly to automate and deliver the core operations of an insurance company and feature cutting edge technologies like blockchain to provide indisputable insurance certification, artificial intelligence to automate data entry, and direct object detection to remotely capture and analyze on-site safety and loss efforts.

Injala One also gathers data across the product suite and provides analytical tools so companies can make more informed decisions and to operate better risk management software programs.

“People are impressed with the amount of time and cost savings our products provide. But what really amazes them is the power of the analytics,” stated Hyder Naqvi, company CEO. “There is nothing on the market like Injala One.”

To commemorate its status as the leading disruptor in insurance technology, the company recently announced the transformation of its brand to better reflect expanding operations around the world. In August, Nourtek was rebranded as “Injala®,” a company dedicated to reimagining risk management from the ground up.

“The name Injala literally means ‘insurance network.’ The solutions we currently offer and those we are developing are revolutionizing the industry and building the insurance network of the future,” said Naqvi.

Taking a cue from the success of the network orchestration-based expansion model of runaway successes like Airbnb, Yelp, and Uber, the company will soon launch its Asuretify® product, which creates a trusted network for COI (certificate of insurance) verification.

“Our vision is timely and achievable. Our team draws on talent from several continents and is passionate about creating and implementing something that is wholly innovative. Rarely does the opportunity to be part of an industry-altering revolution come along, and we are thrilled to be the leader in an industry in desperate need of transformation,” said Naqvi.

Injala Senior management includes CEO Naqvi, James Pitcher, who serves as the company’s president, and Phillips Electronics/Silicon Valley veteran Rajeev Varshneya , who serves as COO.

Injala is the leading disruptor in insurance technology, providing web-based insurance software solutions that are transforming risk management. For more information, visit