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Operational Efficiency Unleashed

Elevate Your Workflows With Risk Management Technology Solutions.

A full suite of insurance technology solutions powered by artificial intelligence to unlock workflow efficiencies with speed and precision.

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Your Complete Insurance Technology Ecosystem

Injala offers a comprehensive set of risk management tools to support all of your needs, seamlessly integrated under a single sign-on.

Risk Management Operating System

  • Insurance Verification

  • Specialty Policy Management

  • Wrap-Up Policy Management

  • Coverage Check & Document Storage

  • Contractor Prequalification

  • Safety & Loss Prevention

Insurance Verification

Slash verification time with fast and accurate AI-powered document reviews.

Leverage artificial intelligence to review COIs as well as full policy documents, endorsements, and more, in under a minute.

Top Features

  • Compare Policy Details to Reqirements
  • Real-Time Dashboard
  • Bulletproof Audit Log
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asuretify product

Digital Policy Management

Automate policy management from start to finish, all in one place.

Master your insurance administration with an all-in-one solution for managing Master Builders Risk and specialty programs.

Top Features

  • Program/Project Creation
  • Automated Quote And Proposal Generation
  • Automated Certificate Generation
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kinetic product

Wrap-up Management

Boost efficiency with an automation-driven wrap-up insurance solution.

Automate enrollment, payroll, certificates, renewals, reports, and communication with the power of artificial intelligence.

Top Features

  • Insightful Analytics & Reports
  • Issue CIP Certificates
  • Scalable Modular Design
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wrapportal product

Coverage Check and Document Storage

Check coverage and compare documents in an instant.

Analyze and compare quotes, binders, policies, and contracts in an instant with the power of AI.

Top Features

  • Your Personal AI Assistant
  • Compare Coverage Documentation Side-By-Side
  • AI-Powered Coverage Check
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riskguru product

Contractor Financial Prequalification

Financially prequalify contractors with speed and confidence.

Quickly calculate a comprehensive Prequaligy Score to evaluate your contractors’ financial viability for any project.

Top Features

  • Track and Verify Contractor Financials
  • Assess Contractor Stability
  • Determine Suitability for a Specific Project
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prequal product

Automated Safety and Loss Control

Detect and address jobsite safety risks in real-time.

Complete inspections on the go by simply snapping a photo of jobsite hazards to instantly document risks without typing a single word.

Top Features

  • Snap-and-Go Inspections
  • AI-Powered Object Detection
  • Automated Notifications & Follow-Ups
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anzenn product


Injala is the leading innovator in the insurance industry,providing insurance software solutions that are creating a transformational evolution in risk management.

Automating risk management administration.

Injala employs automation in all its insurance technology software solutions to eliminate the redundant, burdensome tasks of insurance administration and to provide valuable data for more accurate decision making.

Trusted, with a track record of success.

For over 15 years, Injala has been partnering with giants of the insurance industry to deliver future-forward, evolutionary insurtech solutions that are changing the game.

Innovation fanatics and insurance gurus.

With insurance in its DNA, Injala’s team is passionate about pushing the limits of cutting-edge insurance software technologyso that insurance administration is automatic, simple to use, cost-saving, and guided by data-driven decision-making. insurance software technology

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