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Injala Professional Services

Put Your AdministrativeTasks on Autopilot

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Injala Professional
Administrative Services

Put your risk management efforts on cruise control.

Our crew of certified experts handles each tedious admin task so you’re free to focus on the exhilarating work only you can do.

Here’s the Magic

Armed with our six insurtech wonders, we tame the insurance admin beast, slaying all those grueling tasks for you behind the scenes.

Our squad leverages the revolutionary Anzenn, Asuretify, Kinetic, Prequaligy, RiskGuru, and WrapPortal to lift routine yet critical work off your plate. We smoothly coordinate complex workflows so you enjoy blissful ignorance of the bureaucracy once bogging you down.

What’s your superpower? Product innovation? Client relations? Company culture? Finally unleash your talents on your true passion projects.

And while you’re saving the world, we’ll be saving you with seamless admin support. It’s magic backed by mastery.

Take Administration Off Your Plate

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Growth Unleashed

We clear away all obstacles so you can accelerate toward your most ambitious targets. Just take in that view!


The View is Better Here

While our crew manages the messy details behind the scenes, picture the exhilarating view from your new vantage point.

save time

Save Time

Reclaim hours lost wading through tedious paperwork, wrestling inaccurate spreadsheets, and waiting for approval emails that never arrive.


Mitigate Risk

Our team vigilantly tracks certificates, endorsements, and jobsites for compliance issues, practically eliminating your exposure.


Increase Visibility

Rather than losses or lawsuits greeting you out of the blue, real-time alerts keep you effortlessly informed with a comprehensive picture of risks.

With relentlessly reliable support in place, pour all your energy into nurturing what matters most for driving your organization forward.

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Technology for Every Task

Our magic comes to life through our remarkable suite of insurtech products. We match each grueling insurance task with the perfect tech sidekick to automate routine work behind the curtain.

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No more chasing down certificates and policies. We review insurance documents in real-time so you know contractors have adequate, aligned coverage.

We handle the entire policy lifecycle from applications to certificates so you never miss a renewal or important adjustment again.

We facilitate quick enrollment, payroll management, and seamless communication so your wrap-up programs run like clockwork.

Our automated tools qualify contractors in advance by aligning financials, capabilities and more with project requirements.

With AI-powered image recognition, we automatically monitor job sites for safety incidents and compliance issues. Get alerts immediately when action is needed.

Perform rapid AI-powered coverage checks on quotes, binders, policies, and contracts, then store those documents for easy review and comparison.

We harness artificial intelligence. We wield smart workflows. We deploy real-time data. Our technology transforms the tedious into the effortless.


We’ve Got You Covered

While outrageous magic happens behind the scenes, here’s what’s brewing in our secret cauldron of insurance sorcery:


Certificate Mastery

Our obsession with precision and efficiency becomes your gift of flawless certificate management, delivered by seasoned professionals who safeguard your needs first.

save time

Seamless Switching

With a dedicated team that has guided enterprise-scale migrations, we make switching admin partners painless. Data and documents flow smoothly to us so operations never skip a beat.


Build Better with Training

Rather than leave you in the dark, we offer owners’ manuals for our magic in the form of helpful training guides and L&D collaboration tailored to your team. Lightbulbs ahead!


We Won’t Disappear

Rely on dedicated account management to ensure long-term success. Our experts guide your squad through technical complexities while delivering reliable human support. Abracadabra… we’re here!

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Clear the Path with Streamlined Risk Management

We are your insurance co-pilots, navigating hindrances while you soar. Which exhilarating view will you enjoy from the captain’s seat?

The choice is yours.