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Business Analyst

Careers at Injala

Do you know the value of analysis? Injala’s business analysts specialize in critical thinking to solve problems. They carefully analyze the business needs of all stakeholders to optimize efficiency through Injala’s automated processes. Our team of business analysts understand the importance of developing well-defined business cases to redefine scalability and productivity.

Each program participant will explore and implement the following topics over the first 90 days:
  • Analyzing the business workflow through a textual model
  • Understanding business opportunities and creative solutions
  • Creating business process flow diagrams through visual models
  • Understanding how the software system supports business workflows
  • Completing functional requirements through use cases and wireframes
  • How data and information are stored in data modeling techniques
  • Using entity relationship diagrams, data dictionaries and data maps
  • Enabling innovation across business teams and interested stakeholders
  • Conceptualizing solutions through mind mapping
  • Staying lean with small deliverables that add maximum value
  • Looking back to be successful moving forward

Talent Enhancement Program participants will learn and be required to showcase specific business analysis knowledge:
  • The importance of business logic being communicated
  • The common methods used to convey business logic
  • The importance of clarity when communicating stakeholder requirements
  • Best practices in testing the accuracy of business documentation
  • Bugs found while testing for business logic
  • The ability to think critically about steps that may be missing

To apply, please send your resume, cover letter and examples of your work (if applicable).