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Data Science

Careers at Injala

Do you know the value of data? Our team of data gurus are equipped with unparalleled technical acumen and are eager to problem-solve. They advocate for integrating cutting-edge data gathering methods and algorithms, within all of Injala’s products, so that our clients understand the value it can provide them.

Each program participant will explore and implement the following topics over the first 90 days:
  • Creating innovation and a competitive edge through artificial intelligence
  • Tackling the issues regarding storage through cloud services
  • Enhancing the interactions between humans and machines with AR/VR systems
  • Developing IoT technology for predictive analysis
  • Examining Big Data through dark data migration and strong cybersecurity
  • Improving the accuracy of prediction and fine-tuning machine learning algorithms
  • Using quantum computing to solve complex calculations
  • Examining digital twins as replicas that solve problems

Talent Enhancement Program participants will learn and be required to showcase specific data science knowledge:
  • The importance of exploring and studying data
  • The importance of solving a problem by asking the right questions
  • The use and understanding of modeling data
  • The use and understanding of various data algorithms
  • The importance of clearly communicating data to stakeholders
  • The use and understanding of various ways to visualize data

To apply, please send your resume, cover letter and examples of your work (if applicable).