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Front-end Engineer

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Front-end Engineer

Remote Full Time

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At Injala, we pride in developing web-based enterprise application with rich user experience for our customers. We pay attention to the usage paradigms in our industry which leads to application efficiency and user satisfaction. The look and feel provides the first exposure to our customers as to how they perceive our products. The Front End Developer role is responsible to make it happen. They are responsible for using their knowledge of programming languages to code user-side applications, including visual elements like menu bars, clickable buttons and the overall layout of websites or web applications.

Their duties include communicating with clients to identify their needs, optimizing web applications and websites for different formats like desktops, tablets and mobile phones and running tests to ensure code strings perform the correct functions.

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Ahmedabad Location: 1401 to 1410, 14th Floor, B Block, Westgate by True Value, Nr. YMCA Club, S.G. Highway, Ahmedabad.

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