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Injala Employees Gather For Townhall Meeting.

Date: 2021/12

Ahmedabad, Gujarat—When Injala® CEO Hyder Naqvi convened a townhall meeting for Injala employees at the Crowne Plaza City Centre in Ahmedabad, the leader of the Texas-based insurtech solutions provider had only one thing on his mind: how innovation has shaped the company and will do so as they plan the years ahead.

From birth Naqvi displayed an innate curiosity about how things work, often leading him to trouble as he made his way through childhood disassembling everything in his reach to determine how it worked. His mother considered a good day one in when emergency services didn’t have to intervene in an electrical experiment gone wrong.

But it was those botched experiments that shaped Naqvi’s outlook on life and caused him to embrace failure as one of the necessary conditions for success and, specifically, innovation.

Combining the hands-on experience of growing up around his father’s insurance agency with his engineering prowess, Naqvi formed a company that was destined to not only innovate commercial insurance processes, but also innovate how the work is executed.

During the recent townhall, whether it was a discussion about the components of success or challenging employees to think beyond today and rather towards generational change, Naqvi’s message of innovation was the recurring theme of his remarks, and set the tone for those who presented after him.

After recounting some of the company’s firsts including being the first SAAS-based company in the commercial insurance space, the first to automate processes including enrollment, payroll, reporting, closeouts, emails and alerts, Naqvi reviewed how 2014-2018 laid the foundation for the company’s current products and those to be launched at the end of this year and the beginning of the next.

The review included how Injala had the audacity to engage with some of the largest players in the commercial insurance industry and how those relationships have been a critical part of its success, and have since become advocates for Injala innovation.

Naqvi recounted how the launch of Injala’s premiere product, WrapPortal®—a network-based technology solution that automates the wrap-up certification process of commercial construction insurance—resulted in 200% growth each year for several years, followed by revenue growth of 300%, a three-fold expansion in employees, and the creation of the “innovation initiative,” teams devoted to design, data science, and specific product engineering tasks.

He reminded attendees that in the last year alone Injala had innovated itself by introducing a new look and messaging for its brand and website, by building infrastructure to support its growth, by hiring key personnel and setting new marketing and sales goals, and by encouraging a new generation of innovators with its Talent Enhancement Program, which empowers and challenges young professionals and students as they begin their careers.

After an overview of soon-to-be-released technology products including Asuretify,® which provides indisputable insurance authentication, Anzenn™, Injala’s automated safety and loss control solution that uses object detection technology, and Kinetic™ which provides digital policy management, Naqvi challenged employees to continue to embrace change, innovate the way they think and work, look outside the box for inspiration, and to imagine beyond today’s solutions and towards the Injala insurance network of tomorrow.

Injala COO Rajeev Varshneya gave an inspiring presentation, providing an overview of the company’s roadmap to success. Other presentations included product development updates regarding WrapPortal presented by Nikhil Khoda, Anzenn by Utkarsh Pareek and Ujesh Patel, Analytics by Tushar Sharma, Kinetic by Anand Thaker, PM implementation by Achyut Dave, and Asuretify by Sachi Mehta and Naveen Valera. Injala Engineering Manager Dhaval Charadva gave a presentation about the status of integrating artificial intelligence into Injala solutions. Exemplary employees were recognized for dedicated service and achievement. Recipients of awards were Nikshita Lathiya who was recognized for continued growth, Atul Raval for being a solid team player, Nikhil Khoda for outstanding attendance, Jignesh Parmar for going the distance, Manish Yadav as a bright beginner, Brijesh Gajjar as a stand out performer, Tushar Shankar for behind the scenes dedication, Dharit Shah as a bright beginning, Ketan Mandora for service beyond the call of duty, and Jigar Shah for providing a helping hand. Ritesh Rajput, Injala Administrative Support Manager, led the logistics for the event and Krupali Gangani, Sr. HR Manager, managed the event and the awards ceremony. Employees based outside of India joined the event via live streaming.

About Injala

Injala is the leading disruptor in the insurance industry, providing network based technology solutions that are creating a transformational evolution in risk management by automating insurance administration and connecting numerous parties under a single insurance network. Injala’s Injala One suite of solutions utilize blockchain, artificial intelligence, and object detection to provide time and cost saving solutions for wrap-ups, certificate tracking, claims, policy management, safety and loss, contractor prequalification, and payroll. For more information, visit